Classified, a Belgian company, thrives on challenging the status quo—a philosophy that deeply resonates with Jaegher. In a world where satisfaction often stifles progress, the drive to improve becomes imperative.

Jaegher, the pioneer in bespoke race and gravel bikes, was the first brand to collaborate with Classified. This collaboration stems from our ability to achieve what others can't swiftly. Our unique advantage lies in the adaptability of our frames not only in the building of a geometry that fits like a glove but also to various components.

At the forefront of innovation, Classified introduced the groundbreaking Powershift Technology—a wireless shifting marvel that facilitates instant gear changes, even under full load. The key player in this technological leap is the Powershift hub, delivering unparalleled shift quality, a wide gearing range, and precise intervals between gears. This ingenious design seamlessly combines the strengths of both 1x and 2x systems.

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The Classified POWERSHIFT system transforms conventional bike gearing by integrating the front derailleur's functionality into the rear hub. This revolutionary approach allows for instantaneous gear changes under full load, ensuring uncompromised ratio coverage and precision in gear steps. In addition to its performance benefits, Classified's shifting technology offers aerodynamic and aesthetic advantages. Shifting between virtual chainrings takes less than 150 milliseconds, ensuring seamless transitions even under the power of 1000 Watts on the pedals.

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The Classified Powershift hub operates wirelessly, eliminating the need for physical connections. Upon receiving the signal via Bluetoo, the Powershift hub smoothly transitions between two ratios. Noteworthy is the hub's battery placement in the smart thru axle, not within the hub itself—a thoughtful design feature making recharging hassle-free after approximately 10,000 shifts.

Enhance your Jaegher or choose from the Jaegher Builder Choices by incorporating the Classified Powershift hub along with the corresponding adapted wheels. Furthermore, customization options extend to adapting your Hurricane or Tornado with mounts for mudguards or bike bags, or adding a third bottle cage under the downtube. We can also adjust the etiet space to accommodate sizes up to 700c x 50mm.

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