Since the early days of Jaegher, our collaboration with Columbus Tube Italia has been integral. Regularly, our engineers convene in Milan with their counterparts from Columbus, each session propelling us to new heights.

Cirkel columbus

For those who think steel is a relic of another era, they couldn't be more mistaken. Steel is in a constant state of evolution – growing stronger, thinner, and lighter. It's not a material stuck in the past; rather, it's poised for the next decade. This holds even truer for stainless steel, particularly the XCr tubesets from Columbus.

The robustness and hardness of these stainless tubes are such that our machines experience five times more wear compared to other steel tubists. They deliver strength and rigidity while providing the exact level of comfort that has no impact on your energy transfer and surpasses what one can find in carbon.

Although other steels like titanium can give more comfort, you lose on energy transfer. That's why stainless steel forms the core of our foundation at Jaegher.