Prisma Supernova matt



Lacquer Technique

Matt Varnish, Prisma, Wet Paint

Notes by Jaegher

Depending on the light, those colours transform into incredibly deep, glossy, and brilliant shades. Capturing the true essence of these colours in a picture is impossible. The secret: an underground layer with a secret formula, followed by three layers of coloured prisma wet paint, and finally, three layers of a unique varnish.

· These are actual pictures, but please be aware that colours in images are for reference and may exhibit slight variations in reality due to lighting conditions.

· Our wet paint technique produces lively and vibrant colours with exceptional depth. However, it's important to note that this method is more susceptible to damage from up-flying stones or gravel. To address this, we provide your Jaegher with a small pot of paint matching the colour of your frame.