Zodra u heeft beslist dat het een Jaegher wordt, gaan we samen door 5 verschillende stappen. Met één doel, een fiets die al uw verwachtingen overtreft.


After we have received your fill-in form you have the possibility to pay a deposit of 250 euro. By paying this amount you will get premium access for a first 1-hour meeting (either via Zoom, call or in our atelier) with your personal project manager. You will be helped forward with specific questions about appointments, measurements, needs, designs, colours, components, payments or invoices, delivery....Later on you will also be updated with pictures, technical plans, videos, 3D designs, colour tests.

This meeting can happen whenever it's convenient for you. And the build and welding of your race cycle is automatically reserved in the production process no matter if you didn't decide yet what race cycle you will choose. Of course, this amount will be deducted from the total cost of your race cycle when you make your final purchase.

This is the most crucial part of the process. After we have your measurements — done by a top bike fitter and after we know your goals and needs ( race, gravel, tires, shifters, groupset, comfort, flexibility, speed, aggressive, travel...) we will translate this in a geometry and technical plan. After your approval, we will start to measure, to cut, to mitter and to weld the well chosen tubes together into your masterpiece.

You won't get another chance once your frame is welded, so it's important to consider all of your options carefully.

Of course we don't have to wait till your frame is welded to start the design process. You can choose between different Jaegher designs where you can adapt the colours to your taste. Or you can come ups with your own design. 3D mockups, tests and examples will be made so you have a clear idea how your frame will look like.

When you get a Jaegher, you're getting more than just the finest frame. You're also getting components that are carefully chosen to complement the frame you've chosen for yourself—and these components can make a huge difference in how you experience your bike.

At the upstart meeting, we made decisions about what components will be on your bike. Some of these choices are already made, but others are still up for discussion. For example, we've decided which shifting system to use, and whether or not your frame will have integrated cables or not.

All those decisions had an impact on your frame and the geometry. But other choices still need to be decided upon: what kind of wheelset do you want, what pedals do you want, or how do you want your cockpit or handlebars? We'll go into detail about these options — but whatever choices you make, rest assured that all of our components come from the finest brands in the industry: Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, Classified, Enve, Deda, Berk Composites, Selle Italia, 3T— nothing less than these will do when it comes time for us to turn your dream into reality.

3W- 5W

D1. Start design - choice of colours and techniques

D.2 Start paint and art work


Foreseeing the unforeseeable.
Better safe than sorry.

The assembly of a race cycle is more than just slapping parts together. It's about building a product that will ride smooth as butter. Every screw is tightened exactly right, every cable is routed perfectly, every part is greased and positioned just so—all of this makes for a truly smooth ride.

At Jaegher, we take this part of the process seriously. Assembling your frame is a step-by-step process. We want to ensure that your race cycle is assembled with precision and care. And after years of experience in manufacturing race cycles, we know what it takes to make this happen: precise measurements, the right amount of grease and just enough pressure needed to achieve a perfect fit without damaging any part or component during assembly.

Every time you ride your race cycle, you'll know that it was put together by people who really care about the quality of their work.

Jaegher Ateliers or our expert centers are the perfect place to pick up your new Jaegher. We forsee some time to do a few minor adjustments, and we have some nice surprises before you hit the road. And if picking up isn’t an option for whatever reason, don’t worry: we'll also be happy to deliver your brand new Jaegher to you at any location of your choosing.

We hope to see you soon.

Have a great flight.

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