Design en kleur zijn onlosmakelijk aan elkaar verbonden en bepalen het esthetische karakter van uw fiets. Kleur roept emoties op en creëert visuele impact. Design zorgt voor structuur, balans en ritme. Bij Jaegher — waar één van de oprichters een bekroonde art director is, willen we niet alleen de beste fietsen maken, maar ook de meest esthetische.


Grey afgerond Gradient 4


Start door 1 van de 3 base-designs te kiezen die de basis vormt van waaruit u uw koers-of gravelfiets kan verder designen.

Grey afgerond Looking Glass


Verfijn uw basisdesign. Kiest u Invasion stripes, waar komt de Jaegher branding op uw fiets en ontdek alle mogelijkheden voor uw vork.

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Grey afgerond Paint


Ontdek het ruime aanbod aan kleuren, speciale lakken en exclusieve afwerkingsmogelijkheden om van uw fiets een uniek exemplaar te maken.

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Plain: Embrace Timeless Classics: Choose one colour for your frame and fork, and another for the branding. With FL.X, you have the option to go for the unpainted frame, showcasing the authentic beauty of stainless steel, and combine it with a contrasting or subtle colour for the branding — or switch it up as you prefer.

Free Option: Opt for a colour swap on your fork, allowing it to perfectly complement your frame, resulting in a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Ascender TB schaduw
Jaegher gravel groenkast 1
Ascender Black gold
Ascender Grijs
Gravel Tom Hurricane 429
Jaegher Hurricane geel full achter

Speed Gradient: Experience a soft and aesthetic transition from one colour to another. Starting from the front and moving to the rear creates a sense of speed. Now, we can even create a gradient effect on our FL.X series, transitioning from one colour to stainless steel or from stainless steel to a colour.

Horizontal Gradient: We also offer the possibility of a horizontal gradient, moving from one color on the top tube to another through the seat tube, seat stays, down tube, to the chain stays and bracket.

Shadow Gradient: We achieve the shadow effect by harmonizing two hues of the same colour, one slightly darker than the other. This technique enhances the frame's luminosity, imparting a heightened sense of brightness.

Upgrade: For speed gradients and horizontal gradients, you can also opt for an additional colour. So, instead of two colours, you can have a gradient with three colours, offering the choice of subtle and soft contrasts or vibrant and contrasting colours.

Creating a genuine gradient effect using ceramic coatings is not achievable.

Ascender 1912 U Teal

Pattern graphic: When you choose our Unlimited option, you unlock a world of pattern possibilities to truly personalize your selection. You can opt for a pure pattern, rendered in the colour of your preference, allowing you to explore a wide range of designs, from classic stripes and playful dots to sophisticated triangles and even unique creations of your own imagination.

With the flexibility of matte or shiny varnishes at your disposal, you have the freedom to craft a finish that suits your style, whether you prefer a subtle and understated look or a more eye-catching and vibrant design. Our Unlimited option empowers you to bring your vision to life.

231002 Patroon 1 transparant
231002 Patroon 3 transparant
231002 Patroon 2 transparant



Invasion stripes: This design is inspired on the design of some fighters in WWII. Invasion stripes were alternating black and white bands painted on the tail, fuselages and wings of Allied aircraft during World War II to reduce the chance that they would be attacked by friendly forces during and after the Normandy Landings. This art work in ceramic polymer coating is gorgeous on your Ascender. It brings a touch of colour on the brushed stainless steel. Tom Boonen was the first who did choose for this design. He combined the stainless steel of his Ascender with green invasion stripes, his favorite colour.

TOM BOONEN'S ASCENDER 1912 UNLIMITED — ROAD Handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes are the best gravel bikes and race cycles.A COMBINATION OF POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL WITH GREEN AND BLACK CERAMIC PAINT.
Jaegher ascender back stripes
Gravel Tom Hurricane 34 back square

Original Jaegher Branding: The mother design of all Jaeghers. It was created on our very first Jaegher road bike as a timeless stylish road bike in a time road cycles were filled with tribalisch forms and colours. The patch on the top tube, the Jaegher logo on both side of the down tube and some other fine details. It evolved in time and some minor changes were made. With an enormous variety of colour combinations, this design withstands the test of time with brio.

One colour: For the Stainless Series, you can opt for a single color for your Ascender or Hurricane. For exceptionally durable paintwork, consider choosing ceramic coating.

Jaegher gravel groenkast 56
The handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes of Jaegher are the best gravel bikes and race cycles. Bespoke and custom made cycles and bikes.
Jaegher Hurricane geel op kast
A gorgeous bespoke gravel bike. Een van de mooiste op maat gemaakte gravel fietsen.
Ascender gold full op kast

Call Sign: This design exudes a strikingly temporary aesthetic, radiating power through its simplicity and boldness. It draws inspiration from the numbering found on jet fighters' tails. The initial part of the call sign incorporates your initials and year of birth, while the prominent number is derived from the week and year of the manufacturing of your race cycle. The first and last digits represent the year, and the numbers in between signify the week. Additionally, you have the option to choose the initials of your partner, child, or hero to personalize your call sign.

Ascender top view vierkant
Ascender 1912 U Teal
The handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes of Jaegher are the best gravel bikes and race cycles. Bespoke and custom made cycles and bikes.
De beste op maat gemaakte handgemaakte stalen koersfietsen en gravel fietsen zijn van Jaegher.

One logo on down tube: Create a temporary look for your road or gravel bike with this design. In this style, you'll find a single prominent Jaegher logo centered on the upper side of the down tube.

FL.X: In the Stainless Series, you have the option to choose pure and exceptionally subtle combinations. For an added touch, you can opt to pearlblast the logo on a brushed frame.

Ascender yellow logo blasted vierkant
Gravel Tom Hurricane back close
Hurricane Vince vork

Fork design: Customizing the fork of your road or gravel bike with different colour combinations and branding options can add a unique and personalized touch to the overall bike's aesthetics. Here's a breakdown of the options you've mentioned:

1. Inside/Outside Colours: Choosing different colors for the inside and outside of the fork can create a visually striking and distinctive appearance giving it a sleek and elegant look.

2. Front Side Colour: The option to paint the front side of the fork provides additional design flexibility.

3. Back Side Colour: Painting the back of the fork is especially suitable for gravel bikes with a flat back.

4. Gradients: Gradients can be used to create subtle transitions between colours, not only on the frame but also on your fork.

Regarding branding and logo placement, you have three possibilities:

1. Frontside Circles: Positioning bigger circular logos on the front side of the fork, seamlessly transitioning from the outer surface to the inner, resembling a pair of eyes, imparts a modern and assertive aesthetic to your bike.

2. Single logo on both outsides: Placing a single logo on both sides of the fork offers a clean and temporary design.

3. Double Logo on Both Sides: Using the smaller double logo on both sides gives the fork a subtle and refined look.

Ultimately, the choice of fork customization, colour combinations, and branding options should align with your personal preferences and the overall style you want to achieve for your road or gravel bike.

The handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes of Jaegher are the best gravel bikes and race cycles. Bespoke and custom made cycles and bikes.
De beste op maat gemaakte handgemaakte stalen koersfietsen en gravel fietsen zijn van Jaegher.
Ascender geel front frog 2 vierkant
Hurricane Vince vork
Jaegher Interceptor studio3834 1x1
Ill hunt you close duofork vierkant
Jaegher flymaster lizzard Blue 001 100 copy 1x1
Hurricane unlimited details 1x1
Hurricane personal tattoo



Wij bieden meer dan 250 verschillende kleuren aan. Onze innovatieve laktechnieken voegen diepte en levendigheid toe aan uw lakwerk. Ervaar verbluffende kleurovergangen, lakken die reageren op lichtomstandigheden, of de uiterst sterke keramische polymeercoating. Combineer dit met een gebrushed, gepolierd of geparelstraald frame. Niets houdt u tegen om van uw fiets een puur en tijdloos meesterwerk te maken.

Reveal Genuine Beauty: Wouldn't it be a shame to hide this cutting-edge material of your FL.X series by covering it completely with paint? Our designs and innovating custom paint techniques allow us to combine stainless steel with vibrant colours in ways that are both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks to special transparent varnishes, we also provide the option to have a stainless steel race or gravel bike with a gradient effect transitioning from one colour to stainless steel.

The ceramic coating range is the most favored choice for a brushed stainless steel Hurricane. It's an excellent solution to maintain the frame's purity, as it provides a thin, single-layer coating. Its durability makes this coating an ideal choice for gravel, off-road cycling, bike-packing, and other intense bike uses.

Wet Paint Application

This is the perfect choice if you want more lively and vibrant colours. To obtain the finest results, two layers of primer and two layers of clear coat are always applied on a Jaegher. The undeniably benefit of wet paint application is that the number of colours, combinations, effects and finishes are almost limitless.

If you choose 'Unlimited,' you can select from a palette of over 250 colors.

The real beauty of our colours can only be seen in daylight. That's why we prefer not to show all our colours on our website. When you choose Unlimited, we can dive into the colours and different lacquer techniques as deep as you want. We can do some tests with the colours of your choice and try out some monsters for your cycle.

We have some classics and every season some colours come and go. Some are more brilliant, some are more daring. Make your personal combination — from deep reds to light blues, from bold yellows to soft pinks, from blacks to blacks. Or combine with other lacquers and techniques.

It's important to mention that the wet paint application is more vulnerable to small damages, which can be caused by gravel launches by your wheel. A small pot or repair paint in the same colour(s) of your frame will be provided for potential small repairs.

230210 Exquisite
230210 Exquisite2
230210 Exquisite3

Our new prisma range comes in four colours. At first glance, these colors may appear ordinary, but when they catch the sunlight, they transform into an exceptionally rich, lustrous, and dazzling brilliance. Capturing the true essence of these colors in a photograph is a challenge, but we've made an attempt. Explore our showroom to witness these mesmerizing shades, and you'll truly understand their captivating beauty.

Prisma transparant

Lizard Range: In our collection, we offer an exquisite range of ten lizard-inspired colours. However, the magic lies in their chameleon-like nature, which means, depending on the light, it's as if we offer a palette of twenty or more captivating hues. Take, for instance, our Lizard Blue, which effortlessly morphs into shades of purple, green, or even gold. This remarkable paintwork, while stunning, is also one of the most challenging to achieve. Attempting to capture the true essence of these colours in a photograph is futile because they adapt to the moment. We extend a warm invitation to visit our showroom, select one of our masterpieces, and take it for a spin outdoors.

Lizard transparant

The candy colours are evergreens. Some of them refer to the good old days, while others are very modern as they are the result of innovative combinations. They only need the sun to expose their deepest content.

Nice to know: 4 transparent layers are applied to get the exact effect.

Candy range transparant

When it comes to choosing the perfect finish for your Jaegher, two popular options are brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Both finishes offer durability and long-lasting performance, but the main difference lies in the aesthetic appeal and style.

Brushed Stainless Steel Frame:

Texture: A brushed stainless steel frame has a textured, matte finish. This texture is achieved by brushing the stainless steel surface with abrasive materials, which creates fine lines or "brush strokes" running in one direction.

Appearance: It has a more industrial or contemporary appearance due to the textured finish. The brushed surface diffuses light and reduces reflections, giving it a slightly muted and less reflective look.

Maintenance: It tends to hide fingerprints, smudges, and scratches better than a polished finish, making it a popular choice for applications where wear and tear are a concern.

Polished Stainless Steel Frame:

Texture: A polished stainless steel frame has a smooth, reflective surface. It undergoes a polishing process where abrasives are used to achieve a high-gloss, mirror-like finish.

Appearance: It has a shiny and reflective appearance, often described as "mirror finish." The polished surface reflects light and creates a bright, eye-catching look.

Maintenance: While it offers a striking appearance, polished stainless steel is more susceptible to showing fingerprints, smudges, and scratches. It may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to maintain its shine.

In summary, the choice between a brushed stainless steel frame and a polished stainless steel frame depends on the desired aesthetic, maintenance preferences, and the intended use. Brushed finishes are favored for their durability and ability to conceal imperfections, while polished finishes offer a more glamorous and reflective look but may require more upkeep to keep them looking pristine.

Ascender golden plate
Ascender seatclamp 2 vierkant
Ascender geel front vierkant
Ascender Onderkant stuurpen gelakt 1x1 gekleurd
Jaegher Hurricane Gravel 24

More artisanal detailing.
Shiny or satin varnish.

A brilliant finish makes the colours on your Jaegher pop and stand out, bringing a lively and energetic vibe to your ride. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your bike always looks its best.

On the other hand, a satin finish provides a more understated and sophisticated look. It gives your frame a sleek and discreet appearance, making it perfect for those who prefer a more subdued and stylish aesthetic.

Why not go for both and play with the contrast and beauty of both worlds?

Pearl Blasted: Pearl-blasted stainless steel boasts a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. This distinctive finish is attained by subjecting the steel to a bombardment of minute abrasive beads, finer than sand grains, resulting in a consistent satin texture across the surface. The outcome is a sleek and distinctly modern appearance.

Currently, we do not recommend using a full pearl-blasted finish for the entire frame. However, this technique can be wonderfully applied to smaller elements, such as the logo on the downtube, adding a touch of elegance to your design.

Jaegher CPC Range
Ceramic Polymer Coating

A range of twenty-five ultra thin, yet strong and durable colours. From white to black and everything in between. This range is the most favorite choice on a brushed stainless steel Hurricane.

Preceded by months of experimenting, testing and trying, Jaegher is proud to offer a ceramic polymer coating to finish your frame. It’s a great solution to keep the frame as pure as possible, finishing it with a thin single layer coating. Being very durable makes this coating a great choice for gravel, offroad cycling, bike-packing and other intensive use of the bike. If desired, the artwork can be finished with an extra glossy clear coat for a brilliant finish.

This ceramic poymer coating application has numerous benefits:

> Durable and wear resistant
> Excellent corrosion protection
> Extremely thin and light
> Environmentally more friendly
> A range of 25 colours
> Great colour consistency

Jaegher CPC
Fiets Tom Boonen 3 4 aanzicht LR 1x1
Jaegher Ascender Tornado twin2488
The handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes of Jaegher are the best gravel bikes and race cycles. Bespoke and custom made cycles and bikes.
De beste op maat gemaakte handgemaakte stalen koersfietsen en gravel fietsen zijn van Jaegher.


Kleuren komen pas tot hun recht bij daglicht. Daarom tonen we niet het hele gamma op onze website. In ons atelier hebben we meer dan honderd staaltjes. We kunnen verschillende laktechnieken uitproberen met de kleuren van uw keuze.

The handmade and made-to-measure stainless race bikes of Jaegher are the best gravel bikes and race cycles. Bespoke and custom made cycles and bikes.
De beste op maat gemaakte handgemaakte stalen koersfietsen en gravel fietsen zijn van Jaegher.




Dit overzicht geeft u duidelijker beeld van wat is inbegrepen in de 'Builder's Choices' en hoe u die kan upgraden. Als u 'Unlimited' kiest kan u designen met 'Patterns' en heeft u eindeloze mogelijkheden op het gebied van ontwerp en lakwerk.

230926 Design Colours table